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I am Ron Brown! I am a multi-talented individual with a passion for both photography and music. As a photographer, I capture moments frozen in time, telling stories through the lens of my camera. Whether it's capturing the raw and uncut atmosphere at a battle rap event, dope portraits, or being the creative director of some fire projects. On the other hand, as a radio personality, I engage with my audience through the power of words and music. I use my voice to connect with people, sharing stories, conducting interviews, and playing music that resonates with the listeners. Both photography and radio allow me to express my creativity and connect with others in unique and meaningful ways.


Being a multiple brain aneurysm survivor has been a life-altering experience. On that fateful day, my world turned upside down. The road to recovery has been filled with both physical and emotional challenges, but through it all, I have discovered an unwavering resilience within myself. I have come to appreciate the fragility of life and the precious moments that make it worthwhile. Each day is a gift, and I strive to approach it with a newfound gratitude and purpose. I am determined to raise awareness about this silent killer and offer support to others who have embarked on a similar journey of survival and resilience.

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